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Experienced, Independent, Here to help

The Project Interceders was founded by experienced practitioners from both the legal and IT Project Management wanting to offer considered advice and mediation as opposed to expensive litigation and watching good, turn to bad, turn to ugly.

We provide an independent external viewpoint into projects that have for whatever reason started to drift through to being in a stalemate position.

We believe that gaining insight and understanding the true position that all parties within a project hold are the key to moving forward, ending the sleepless nights and bringing the stress and frustration to an end.

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Establishing Control over Problem Projects

All the overthinking and over-analysing in the world more often than not will just zap more time and money pausing and looking for an independent perspective over problem projects. Free yourself back to your business and other projects by being proactive and getting The Project Interceders to look for the best way forward.

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Independent, Unbiased, Calming, Reset

4 reasons that intercession works:

  • We offer a fresh set of eyes

  • We are unbiased, not looking to “blame” or get defensive. We just want to understand.

  • We can provide a calm presence to often “tense” situations

  • It’s not about finding a winner or a loser, it’s about finding a way forward.

Let us help you avoid the expensive court costs
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The Turning Point

Despite good faith, desire and the best of intentions projects do end up in disputes. Losses incurred during a dispute can and often are higher that pausing and arriving at a quick way forward. In this video, we illustrate just how quickly a steady project can turn ugly and how intercession can help.

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Knowing the now will always ensure your next move is the right one.

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We will always present the truth regardless of how bad a picture it may paint for you the client.

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We will present factual assessments versus points of view.

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We will always present Options as well as our Opinions.

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Contact us with some information as to the basics of your matter. All details will be handed confidentially.

50 Miller Street North Sydney NSW 2060

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